Agricultural Advisory Society (AAS) was formed in 1989 and registered as a non-profit, non-political, rural service provider and civil society organization. AAS as a national agriculture NGO from its inception, been engaged in the promotion of innovative farming practices and sustainable strategies at grass root level through research, development and extension (RD&E). AAS has focused its available energies on helping Bangladesh’s farmers to become more productive; to, in the context of their rich land, small plots, plentiful labor resources and abundant supplies of fresh water, substantially increase their output. AAS implemented a number of relevant projects to alleviate poverty among the poor, extreme poor, resource poor, small and marginal farm families of Bangladesh . AAS is pioneering the introduction and popularization of irrigated intensive high value cropping with non-rice and specially-rice crops along with their safe and sustainable production practices including in-field irrigation techniques.

AAS has made a material contribution to introduction and popularization of new higher yielding strains of well-know vegetable, fruits, species, specifics and specialty rice varieties. Through its demonstration based training program, AAS has helped small plot cultivators adapt their farming practices to accommodate the requirements of higher value, high yielding crops, fishery and livestock. AAS is using state of the art of participatory training and participatory field demonstration methodologies to accelerate the uptake of promising new varieties and improved agricultural technologies all over Bangladesh including coastal regions, coastal and non-coastal chars. Accordingly, AAS’s agricultural programs have materially affected the capacity of Bangladesh’s small plot farmers to increase their income on the basis of a more efficient use of their quite limited resources and wealth creation on long term basis.

Our vision and mission:

Vision: To promote sustainable agricultural production strategies in order to improve the livelihood of Bangladesh ‘s rural poor in general and resource poor farmers in particular.

Mission: To create more wealth in the hands of small and poor farmers, by improving their agricultural skills and capacities and by demonstrating ways in which they can better manage their available resources.