As per approved constitution of Agricultural Advisory Society (AAS), the General Committee is managed all activities of Agricultural Advisory Society (AAS) in collaboration with seven members Executive Committee headed by the president of Executive Committee. The project activities, policy and planning of AAS are prepared by the Executive Committee headed by the Executive Director and approved by the General Committee under the guidance of Advisory board. The Executive Committee is elected/approved by the General Committee. An Executive Director is selected by the Executive Committee upon approval by the General Committee. The Executive Director carries out the activities of AAS with the assistance of relevant professionals appointed by him and approved by the Executive Committee. The Executive Director is accountable to the Executive Committee, General Committee and Advisory board of the AAS. Besides the relevant professionals, all relevant and required staffs are procured by the Executive Director through a recruitment committee and guidelines. The plan of activities is implemented according to the guidelines of the organization through the field personnel and assures the best quality of outputs. The hierarchy is strictly maintained according to the organogram of organization (AAS). The organogram of AAS is provided below: