AAS has historically implemented its rural based, agricultural productivity enhancing projects through its large network of rural based Partner Organizations, such as NGOs, Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and farmers’ groups.  AAS has been strengthening and expanding its “partner NGO network” all over the country since 1989. At present about 150 NGOs directly and indirectly are involved with AAS partner NGO network.

People living in a particular area or place irrespective of religion, caste, or of ethnic origin of being tribal or aboriginal, who interact in their daily life with each other is called a “Community”. In Bangladesh CBOs have existed for a long time in rural and urban areas. These are either formal or informal organizations in the communities who act together towards a common goal in order to realize common interests and operate in an institutional manner. Both formal and informal CBOs are active in the rural communities with various kinds of activities. A number of them are playing important roles in different agricultural activities including dissemination of agricultural technologies in a cost-effective manner. AAS has developed about 1000 CBOs, most of them are informal in its working areas in the country since in 1989. Currently, AAS has been maintaining about 600 CBOs network in its working zones in the country.

One of AAS’s great strengths is that it is able to work through a large network of experienced grassroots partner organizations. Large number of the skilled staffs established relevant infrastructures and sufficient micro-credit of the members of AAS partner NGO Network are the foundation strength of AAS to implement the suitable project activities on the cost-effective basis. Accordingly, AAS, being a relatively small organization itself, is able to cast a very big shadow over a large area.  AAS could have such an impact on the basis of its own resources alone. Both CBOs and NGOs representing diverse rural constituencies are all part of the AAS-Partnership Network. Accordingly, AAS gains strength from its network partners.  On the other hand, AAS has been maintaining close and collegial relationships with a large number of public sector and international organizations that have solid agri-technical credentials. These include IRRI, BRRI, BARI, BARC, BADC, DAE, IDA, HarvestPlus, IFDC, Walmart Foundation, CIMMYT, Access Agriculture (AA), MEAS, Agro Insight (AI), FAO, CABI, Rutgers University, JOBS, BMGF, IFAD, GROS, DFID, EU, RDA, IFPRI, PRICE, USAID, and others with whom AAS maintains and sustains long-term collaborative relationships.