Besides its permanent staff, AAS employs from the enlisted personnel as per the requirements of its individual projects. Moreover, AAS also utilizes personnel on a voluntary basis and part time basis from its enlisted staff list. The personnel of AAS are posted at district, upazila, union and village levels to work in close contact with its client farmers, the resource poor.

AS has a total of 48 staff, of which 21 permanent and 27 part time and volunteer staff for implementing its program activities in 28 districts. Among the 27 part time staff, 8 consultants and 1 advisor, as well as volunteer and seasonal staff. Out of 48 enlisted staff, 36 staffs are technical staff, specialized in Agriculture, Irrigation and water management, Environment, Seed technology, Aquaculture, Business Management, BDS , VC , SC etc . AAS personal are all experienced, highly qualified professionals in their own field, who contribute to the success of its projects and the development of Bangladesh ‘s agricultural capacity. The AAS staff is fully committed to building the skill and technical capacity of poor farmers; to create wealth for them in order to improve their livelihoods. Our dedicated staffs play a key role in this and the list of staff and Key Staff assignments of AAS are available in the profile of AAS.